"[People] couldn’t seem to get enough of moving pieces around and creating their own art." — New York Times

Fine Art

Alli Berman works with a variety of media.

Her interactive abstract PuzzleArt paintings, which are for floor, table, and wall are modular on wood. Participants manipulate the works and create their own art out of their original work.

Her interactive installation work, for both interior and exterior, can be viewed or used. Berman uses up to two dozen different media for her various works.

Her obsessive drawings are graphite, ink, and marker on a variety of substrates.

Her digitally remixed paintings are a combination of macro photography, digital retouching based on her abstract PuzzleArt paintings.

Her mood resonators are abstract works on paper.

Her prayer paintings are an ongoing series. Berman recites prayers in different languages as she draws or paints abstract gestures in a monochromatic palette.


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