"[People] couldn’t seem to get enough of moving pieces around and creating their own art." — New York Times

Homepage of PuzzleArt Therapy

PuzzleArt International presents THE colorful and FUN 3D approach to therapy. Developed by Susan Fisher, OD and PuzzleArtist Alli Berman, PuzzleArt Therapy™ is the first and only therapy that combines Binocular AND Perceptual Therapy, using interactive 3D abstract fine art at its core. Used for: Vision Therapy, Traumatic Brain Injury (tbi and mtbi), PTSD, Developmental Delay, ADD / ADHD, Alzheimer’s / Dementia, Strabismus Therapy, Learning Disabilities, Sports Therapy and much more. Eighteen exciting hands-on products help your patients and easily fit into therapy protocols.

PuzzleArt Therapy™ is a new exciting hands-on tool in the behavioral and neuro-optometric arsenal. Helps improve: • Binocular Skills • Visual Perception • Visual Discrimination • Spatial Relationships • Visual Memory • Visual Figure-Ground • Amblyopia • Accommodation / Near-Far • Letter and Word Recognition • Cognitive and Problem-Solving Skills • Creativity • Bilateral Integration • Creativity Peripheral Vision and more.  Children increase their success in and out of the classroom. Adults enjoy this colorful way to work on self-improvement.


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