"[People] couldn’t seem to get enough of moving pieces around and creating their own art." — New York Times


Alli Berman Statement + CV                  bermanarts@gmail.com                     http://www.bermanarts.com

artist’s resume/cv

Alli Berman creates art that is visually appealing and visually healing.

Berman creates intentional environments to enhance a continuous process of deliberate deconstruction and intentional reconstruction in a public space using her abstract interactive art. Her process encourages participants to explore and expand the dynamic boundaries of each public space and create a bridge to encourage communication and community between strangers.

Berman’s focus has been to create a responsive perceptual and visual experience that creates a comfort zone, encouraging strangers to connect to art and each other in stimulating, safe surroundings.

“I feel passionate about taking the singular museum going experience and changing it into a collective endeavor.”

Berman creates art in four different formats:
Viewable – art you feel with your eyes;
Touchable – art you see with your fingers;
Movable – art puzzles you arrange with your hands; and
Painting Portraits – her original work through a macro photography lens.

Her art empowers people as they view it, touch it, or move it. All her work comes in a range of sizes from miniature (3” x 3”) abstract “dreamer” paintings, to entire room interactive PuzzleArt installations on walls, floors and suspended from above.

Berman paints her 3D interactive art, then uses macro photography to capture her autobiographical statement of each painting and retools them digitally. These works are Painting Portraits – an intimate view of the surface of Berman’s original work.

The topographical surfaces in her original interactive work and those captured in her intimate painting portraits engage the viewer. Her colorful 3D formations seem to float on a fossilized sea of grays in her Painting Portraits.

“I began my interactive and modular art to find connections. It started as exercise to help me find personal answers and grew into an interactive artform that has traveled the globe these past 20+ years. People, ages 1 to 103, have participated in many arts, educational and therapeutic programs. They’ve connected to abstract art, each other, and to me!”

Bermanʼs brightly colored, heavily textured, and richly layered acrylics have a transparent watercolor quality. Her work is a fusion of Indonesian batik and stain-glass sanctuary windows. It is a celebration of life in spite of all obstacles.

Alli Bermanʼs work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. She has shown and shared her work with thousands of people in dozens of countries. Her art is in private and corporate collections around the world.

Exhibitions (partial list)  (s)solo  (g)group  (r)residency /educational  (c)collection

2012 and 2013 Public Art interactive installation at uMich Health System, Ann Arbor, MI (s) (r) (p)

2012 Public Art interactive installation at the Atrium, Tilles Center, Greenvale, NY (s) (r) (p)

2012 NYU/Langone Medical Center Gallery, New York City, NY (s) (r) (p)

2012 North Shore / LIJ Hospital, Rosen Center, Manhasset, NY (s) (r) (p)

2012 Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH (g)

2011 Tilles Center for the Arts, Greenvale, NY (s) (r) (p)

2011 LICM – Long Island Children’s Museum (s) (r)

2011 Viewpoint Gallery at Proctor Theater, Schenectady, NY (g)

2010 Tilles Art Center Atrium, Greenvale, NY (s) (r)

2010 Israel: Gan Yavneh + Bar Sheva, pre-K thru high school, special ed + mainstream

2009 Tilles Art Center Atrium, Greenvale, NY (s) (r)

2009 Tilles Art Center – LI Experience / Fringe Festival, Greenvale, NY (g)

2009 My Brevard Exhibition piece chosen for national tour for 2 years (g)

2009 Brevard Art Museum, Melbourne, Florida (g)

2009 Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL (g)

2009 Beautiful Aging – Westchester Art Gallery, New York (g)

2009 Italy: Florence + Vicenza, pre-K thru high school, special ed + mainstream

2009 2 Gallery Shows as well as fundraising event – East End Arts (g)

2008 Extensive Shoulder Surgery – out of commission for the year

2007 Celebration of Art, Grand Cayman, BWI (g) (r)

2007 Westin Casuarina Resort, Grand Cayman, BWI  (s) (r)

2007 Fairbanks Women’s Prison, Grand Cayman, BWI  (r)

2007 Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman, BWI  (r)

2007 Art at Governors, Grand Cayman, BWI  (g) (r)

2007 Project Connect To Cayman, Grand Cayman, BWI  (s) (r)

2006 Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Gallery, New York City, New York (s)

2004-2006 Open Studio Show, The Institute Museum, Chicago, Illinois (s) (r) (c)

2003-2004 Open Studio Show, ARMA Museum, Bali, Indonesia (s) (r) (c)

2003 Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA (g)

2002 Brunnier Art Museum, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (g)

2002 United Nations Headquarters, General Assembly Lobby, New York (g)

2002 National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington, DC (g)

2002 Thomas Hospital, Fairhope, AL (g)

2002 Minnesota Government Center, Minneapolis, MN (g)

2001-2005 Open Studio Shows: Long Island, New York (s) and Bali, Indonesia (s)

2001 Chicago Cultural Center, Juried Show, Chicago, Illinois (g)

Jury included David Ross, director San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Joseph McCullough, president emeritus Cleveland
Institute of Art; and John Killacky, executive director Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

2001 Millenium Arts Center, Washington, DC (g)

2001 Russell Senate Rotunda Presidio, San Francisco, California (g)

1999-2010 Rudana Fine Arts Museum, Bali, Indonesia (g)(c)

1999-2007 Rudana Fine Arts Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (g)

1998 East End Arts Council, Riverhead, New York (s)

1998 Lincoln Center, CAAA/Juried, 1st Place abstract, NYC, New York (g)

1996-present Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Bali, Indonesia, (g)(c)

1996-present The Institute Museum, Chicago, Illinois (g)(c)

1996-2007 Vila Riverview Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (s)(c)

1994-2007 Rumah Manis Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (s)(c)

1994-present Numerous schools, pre-K thru high school, New York & Long Island (s)  (r)

1994-present Libraries/Art Centers—Nassau and Suffolk counties, New York (s) ®

1994, 1995 SOHO: 578 Broadway Gallery, New York City, New York (g)

1994, 1995 Champuan Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (g)

1993-1997 Seni Wati Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (g)(c)

1993 Invitational, Schumacher Gallery, Columbus, Ohio (g)

1993 Jacob Javits Federal Building, New York City, New York (s)(g)

1992 Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, Hempstead, New York (s)(c)

1992-present Owl Art Center, Cedarhurst, New York (g)(c)

1992-2000 Suweta Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (s)

1992-1996 Broome Street Gallery, SOHO, New York City, New York (g)

1992-1994 Agung Raka Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (g)

1992-1994 Agung Rai Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (g)

1992-1994 Juried, Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, New York City, New York (g)

1991, 1992 98th Street Studio, New York City, New York (s)

1991 SOHO: Critic’s Choice – Monserrat Gallery, NYC, New York (g)

awards/honors (partial list)

JP MORGAN Chase Grant

Numerous international and national artist residencies including:
Artist Residency, Florence, ItalyArtist Residency, ARMA Museum, Bali

Artist Residency and solo exhibition awarded by Governor, Aceh, Indonesia
Featured Artist, Celebration of Art International Festival, Governor’s Mansion, Grand Cayman, BWI

Beckett Award, New York

International Echo Finalist, New York

Long Island Arts Program Grant

OIA “Multiple Images” curation support

Educational Advisor to the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine


associations (partial list)

CAAA/Composers, Artists & Authors
Chicago Artist’s Coalition
National Art League and a number of Art Leagues in Nassau County
New York Artist’s Circle
Women’s Caucus for Art (Board of Directors)

arts education  

Ivan Kamalic, New York; Ida Bagus Anom, Mas, Bali;
Parsons School of Art and Design, New York City, New York; Pratt Institute, New York City,New York.
Studied with dozens of artists in their area of expertise during my travels while exhibiting and lecturing, for the past 35 years in Africa, Australia, Brazil, BWI, China, Costa Rica, Europe, Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, the US, and more. Influenced by Hado’s layered playful acrylics since childhood and later by Frankenthaler, Motherwell, Pollack, Still and Kline.

2000 to present. Numerous Courses and Retreats: Healing Through Art
1996 BOCES, Video Conferencing Certification Program for Distance Teaching for Art
1989 Stroke
1983 Pratt Institute, Masters of Science in Communication – ABT
1975 SUNY at Stonybrook, Bachelors of Art – Education and Bachelors of Art – Art History
1974  SUNY at Stonybrook, Research/Implementation 1st Computer Aided Instruction Lab


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