"[People] couldn’t seem to get enough of moving pieces around and creating their own art." — New York Times

Buy PuzzleArt Alli Activity Book

The Perceptual Learning Achieve Success Program: Adventures With PuzzleArt Alli™ in 3D!  Activity Books

Exercises on each page help you work on visual discrimination, figure/ground, and more than a dozen other visual perceptual categories as indicated by our PuzzleArt Therapy™ icons in the key.

Our series of activity books in the Achieve Success Program help build strong perceptual learning, oculomotor, binocular, and creativity skills using PuzzleArt™ concepts that were developed by PuzzleArtist™ Alli Berman.

This groundbreaking new vision therapy system was the result of the collaboration between Susan Fisher, OD, and PuzzleArtist Alli Berman. The PuzzleArt Therapy System™ is now being used in fourteen countries, schools, private and government hospitals and clinics in the US.  It’s the first therapy to combine binocular and perceptual therapy using abstract art. It’s the fun and colorful approach!

The three Activity Books in our Achieve Success Program
can be used with the PuzzleArt Therapy System™, or for stand-alone therapy for home or office use.

•Achieve Success One
ages 4+ and the developmentally challenged

•Achieve Success Two
ages 6+ is a more challenging program

•Achieve Success Three
ages 9+ is our most challenging program

•Answer pages are available online with a code

Designed to integrate easily and effectively into your practice.  Kids and adults around the world LOVE working with PuzzleArt™


Amblyopia/Supression (use with red/green glasses)

Bilateral Integration

Binocular Skills (includes our special 3D glasses)

Cognitive & Problem-Solving



Form Constancy

Letter & Word Recognition


Spatial Relationships

Thinking Skills

Visual Closure

Visual Discrimination

Visual Figure-Ground


Visual Memory

Visual Motor

Visual Perception

1 Activity Book for ages 6+   $40

10 Pack of Activity Books for ages 6+ ($30 each) $300

1 Activity Book for ages 4+   $50

10 Pack of Activity Books for ages 4+ ($45 each) $450


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