"[People] couldn’t seem to get enough of moving pieces around and creating their own art." — New York Times


I carry card stock, markers, pencils with me at all times – wether I have 30 seconds or 3 hours, I pull out my obsessive drawing kit and draw away. It clears my mind, relaxes me, and it results in some wonderful pieces. My goal is to come up with more than 100 new pieces in the next couple of months, and find an exhibition venue for them. I want to make enlargements up to 4′ wide by 6′ high to hang as banners or framed on a wall. I envision the originals which measure 2″ high by 6″ wide beautifully framed in groups of 3, and at least three dozen framed groups of them stretched in lines on the wall. Also, they’re wonderful for hallways, waiting rooms, and conference rooms.

Call for exhibitions, commissions or prices! 516.695.3110




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